Friday, 4 September 2015

3D Designer Paper Star

Supplies Needed:

  • Two piecees of 6 by 6" DSP
  • Bone folder
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Paper snips
  • Tombo glue
  • Glue dots
  • 1/16 Hand held hole punch
  • White Baker's Twine
  • Embellishment of choice.
  1. Cut one piece of 12 by 12" DSP into four 6 by 6" (you can get stars from 1 sheet)

 2. For each piece of DSP, fold in half horizontally, and then vertically.

3.  Open folded DSP, and now fold from corner to corner.

4.  Open DSP and you will see there are 8 folds. (You have to look carefully in this picture)

5.  Locate the middle fold lines.  Make a small pencil mark 1 1/4" from the edge of the paper along this fold line.
6.  Do this on all the middle fold lines.  You should have 4 pencil marks on your DSP when you are finished. (Look carefully and you can see them.)

7.  Take a pair of paper snips and cut along this fold line up to the pencil mark.

8.  Do this along  the other 3 middle fold lines.

9.  Now begin to make the star point.  The first step is to find the middle score line next to the cut. Pick up the bottom end of the cut DSP and bring the end over to the middle score line.  Crease with a bone folder.

10.  Now take the other end and fold it towards the middle score line.

11.  Do this for all sides of the DSP for both pieces of DSP.

12. Now to convert these flat stars into one 3D star.  Begin by taking some tombo glue and applying it to one side of the fold on a star point.

13.  Take the unglued side and bring it over top of the glued piece, matching the edge of this with the edge of the first half. Insert a bone folder inside to press up the paper and make it adhere better.  This also makes the star point pop up.  Do this for the other 3 points and on the second piece.

14.  Here are both pieces completed.

15.  Adhere the two pieces together.  First apply a glue dot on both sides of the star point at the center.  Do this on all the star points of both pieces.

15.  Put one star on top of the other star with insides together.  Find the midpoint and apply slight pressure to attach the 2 pieces together.  To make the star stronger, apply a small dab of Tombo glue on both sides of the star point where it joins the other - to all star points.

16.  With a 1/16" hand held hole punch, punch a hold in one of the ends of the star point.  Insert some Baker's twine through the hole.  Tie in a knot, and pull the knot close to the back of the star point, and apply some glue (the knot is now hidden)

17.  Embellish as desired.


  1. How cool! Thank you so much for sharing! You make it look easy.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial; I'm seeing more of these in blogsville!