Thursday, 24 November 2011

Diamond /Star Snowflake Tutorial

For this festive snowflake ornament, fold strips of paper into diamond shapes, glue them together and add some glass glitter.  What a great way to show off our designer paper and/or cardstock at this time of year!

  1. Regals designer paper (12 by 12")
  2. Silver or champagne glass glitter
  3. Sticky strip
  4. Tombo adhesive
  5. Bone folder

Large Triangles:

Cut seven 1/2" by 6" pieces of patterned paper

For each strip, crease 1/8" on one end.

Fold the long section in half, crease well, then fold and crease in half again.

Apply sticky strip to 1/8" fold.

Attach this fold to the outer edge to form a triangle.

Repeat for other strips.

Glue each diamond together to form a large snowflake (Note:  put the end with the 1/8" fold in the middle)

Small Triangles:
Cut seven 1/2"  by 3" strips of patterned paper or card stock
Fold in half and crease well

Then fold each half in half again and crease well.

Glue to the inside of each of the large diamonds of the snowflake applying glue to the 2 lower ends.

Apply tombo glue to the front of the snowflake and cover with either silver or champagne glass glitter.

When dry  apply glitter on the other side.

Tie on a string and hang in a window, from the ceiling, on a tree - well, use your imagination!

This ornament can be make in different sizes - just adjust the size of the strips of paper cut.
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