Friday, 13 March 2015

Build a Bouquet - the Daisy - A Tutorial

The daisy flower was the hardest one of the flowers to make (in my opinion anyway), so I thought I would make a step by step tutorial of the process I went through.

The kit makes 5

Supplies Needed:

For each daisy you will need:

  •  4 white petal strips
  •  1 medium button flower center
  •   Mossy green stem
  •   Foral tape

You will also need 2 square yellow pieces of tissue paper, 2 leaves, needle nose pliers, and a hot glue gun.

I did not purchase the stamp set that goes along with the kit, so I used stamps from "Flower Shot", and stamped all the white petal strips with Hello Honey at the bottom end.  The leaves were stamped with Mossy Green ink.

1.  With the  needle nose pliers, bend the tip of the floral wire over onto itself.

And then bend it forward  so that the button can sit on it.

Add glue to this "ledge" and attach the button to it.

Add a small dab of glue to the middle of one of the yellow squares and adhere the yellow squares together.

Add glue to the top of the button, add the yellow squares to the top of the button and wrap it around the button.

Twist it tightly around the bottom of the button around the floral wire

Add a dab of glue to the bottom of the wrong side of the white petal strip

Attach to the bottom of the covered button and begin to wind the strip around its base, applying glue as necessary.

When adding the second strip, start at another part of the attached strip in order to offset the petals more.

Follow this step for the other 2 strips.

Here all 4 strips are applied.

Adhere a piece of floral tape to the base of the flower and wind it around the base and down the stem.  Apply glue as needed.

With a bone folder, gently fold the petals back and down until you are happy with the appearance of the daisy.

Glue the leaves to the stem


Here are all 5 flowers:

Close up of one flower:


  1. This is such an awesome tutorial Maria -- love the step-by-step pictorial directions!!! Your daisies turned out beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the visuals...I'm sure they will help me be successful with mine!