Monday, 2 February 2015

Stepper Box - a Tutorial

 Supplies Needed:
  1. DSP 6 1/2 by 12" for outside cover of box
  2. DSP 4 7/8 by 10" for lining
  3. Cardboard  4 pieces 5 by 2 1/4" and one piece 1 by 5"(I use the cardboard from the DSP pack)
  4. Boxes - 4 pieces 6 by 6" of coordinating cardstock
  5. Lid - 1 piece 7 by 7"
  6. Various Embellishments
  7. Glue stick
  8. Double sided tape
  9. Sticky Strip
  10. Bone folder
  11. Pencil and ruler
  12. Scissors for cutting paper
Making the box:
  1. Place the pieces of cardboard equally spaced on the back of the 6 1/2 by 12" DSP

With a pencil, make marks at the top and bottom of each piece. This lets you know where to place the pieces after applying glue to them.

 Apply glue to the each of the pieces of card board and apply to the DSP matching the pencil marks.

 Fold the tops and ends over the cardboard pieces. Burnish with bone folder.

Unfold, then make a special fold at each corner.  Matching the fold marks, fold each corner over the end as shown below. Glue this down well.

 After all 4 corners folded, tape sides and ends with double sided tape.

Remove cover of tape from both sides first and adhere them.  Then removed the tops of the tape on the ends and tape the ends.

Your corners should look like this.

Apply glue using the glue stick generously on the DSP that will be the lining of the box( the 4 7/8 by 10" piece).  Adhere to the front piece and burnish the entire surface with the bone folder.  Make sure there are no air bubbles and that the edges are adhered well.  Set that aside to dry.

Making the Boxes:
For each of the 6 by 6 piece of coordinating cardstock, draw a line using a pencil and ruler, from corner to corner on both corners.

Start folding.  Take one corner and fold it to where the pencil marks cross in the middle

Fold that fold in half.

Do this for all four corners.  Then unfold all the folds, and your piece should look like this:

With a pair of paper snips, make a cut from the fold line on either side of a point.  Cut only to the middle square

Apply glue generously to the tips next to the cut line, fold over and glue down.  Then apply glue, again generously to the rest of the cut area.

Fold this glued piece in half so that the point is adhered to the middle (where the lines cross in the middle. 
Do the same on the opposite side.

 Burnish those folds well, and then fold them in half along the fold line.  Fold the tabs on each end forward.  Do this on both sides.  Hold both ends up. Then apply glue to the remaining end and fold it up and over the ends being held up.

 When done, the ends meet in the middle of the lip.

Do this for all 4 small boxes and the lid for the box.

 Attaching the boxes to the inside:

Test the folds on the body of the box and make sure the box folds well, and that the liner has been adhered well. The smallest strip will be on the left and when closed will be on the outside of the box.  Make sure you do not adhere a small box on this piece.

Do a test placement of the boxes before adhering them with sticky strip.

Before taping them to the inner box, decorate each box.  It is a lot easier now that once the boxes are attached.

Once decorated, apply sticky strip to the back of each box

Remove the tape cover and attach to the inside of the box.

Embellish as desired.  Close the box, add the lid, and embellish as desired.  Below is your finished box

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