Friday 14 September 2018

Ribbon Pouch Halloween Treat Holder

These are some easy to make and cost effective Halloween treat holders.  All supplies were obtained in my local Dollar Tree store.

  • Halloween Ribbon
  • Glitter pipe cleaner in different colors
  • Plastic bat rings
  • Double sided tape
  • Red doubled sided tape
  • scissors
  • needle point pliers

Cut 6 inches of ribbon

  Remove wire using wire plyers.

Apply double sided tape to both ends.
Remove cover from tape and fold ends over to make a neat seam.

Fold ribbon in half to determine mid point.

Apply red double sided tape to both sides of one half

Remove tape cover and fold ribbon in half to form pouch

Using  crop-o-dile to  punch holes in upper corners of pouch

Cut one pipe cleaner in half.  Take one half and insert each end in punched holes.

Insert plastic bat ring through one punched hole and seal with hot glue gun

Add punched sentiment by Baker's twine to right handle

Insert Halloween goodie.